Mindful Astoria At A Glance

Mindful Astoria is for anyone interested in practicing meditation and integrating mindfulness practices into their daily life. Founded in 2013 by Emily Herzlin as a MeetUp group, we meet and practice regularly on Wednesday evenings in Astoria, Queens, NY.

With candor and humor, our community group provides a space for discussion about mindfulness and its potential impact on daily life. No meditation experience necessary.

In addition to our weekly sit, we also plan and take part in many community events, museum and library events, outdoor activities, potlucks, social justice events, and more.

We care about bringing our personal practice of mindfulness and compassion into all aspects of our lives, both on and off the cushion: into our work; our relationships with others and with ourselves; the environment; and our local, national, and global community.

If you would like to support Mindful Astoria, you can send your donation to mindfulastoria@gmail.com using PayPal. Thank you for considering.


Banner art and logo designed by Steve Monosson.

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