“Mindful Astoria is a truly unique and valuable place for anyone who seeks to practice meditation–whether you are just a curious beginner or an experienced practitioner. What is most special about it is the community of people. Anyone is welcome and it is a great way to share the experience of meditation with others and learn from each other’s perspectives. It’s a rare gem in an often hectic city, and you’ll be glad you came at very least!”

Fahim from Woodside, NY

“This meditation practice its gentle to my body, mind and soul.  I came to the group six months ago and became a regular member. The benefits I receive are many, but the connection to myself and others are just the beginning.  If I hadn’t found this group coping with my sister passing along with her son would have been impossible. The timing was right she was giving 6 months to live and I started Meditating just before she got diagnosed.  My practice allows me to fully experience what happened to her and how it changed my life.  It also helped me change my perspective on what dying really is…by allowing my pain, notice it, feel it and release it.  It gives me the power to change my old view then I see it all part of life and not separate. I now know my sister is with me in a different way and that to me feels like love & kindness.”

Marina from Hollis, NY

“Two years ago I came to meditation and Mindful Astoria seeking help to quiet my mind, on the heels of a life-altering experience. The guided meditations led by Emily and skilled guest leaders perfectly introduced me to meditation and the essence of Buddhism. Practicing in a space right on Broadway, with the sound of others breathing as well as familiar street noise, provides a grounding element and strong sense of community. I stand in awe of Emily’s vision of founding this group and am grateful to her and the core group’s efforts for keeping it going and growing. The group practice, event opportunities that allow one to keep it casual or dive deeper, and shared commitment to our community, make MA a true treasure in our neighborhood. The sits offer the most peaceful time of my week, and I know I am on the right path.”

Caryn from Astoria, NY

“If you are thinking about attending a Mindful Astoria meetup, but are feeling unsure, come give it a try! The weekly sits are the perfect mix of teaching, practicing, and talking with peers, and a gateway into experiencing the sublime in daily life (at least sometimes). If you come for a while, you’ll wind up with a great community of local friends who will enrich your life in many ways.”

Deepti from Astoria, NY

“I love Mindful Astoria. The meditation teachers are connected, engaging and they make everyone feel welcome. The class is low key and vibrant at the same time and I always leave feeling like I’m glad I made the effort to get there at the end of a busy day. Emily has created a real community in NYC.”

Tonya from Astoria, NY

“This group is great! While meditating alone is certainly useful, meditation in a group, and having the chance to share what comes up in the meditation, is game changing. Mindful Astoria is an amazing group of people of all lengths of past meditating experience who regularly come and grow together. What makes the group even more unique is the vibe of the group which is fun and real-lots of activities, meditating and non meditating to share in. I can’t say enough of how awesome this group is.”

Adam from Montclair, NJ

“I cannot say enough about the value and richness attending the Mindful Astoria meetups has given my life. This group is amazing and the people that lead the meditations and attend are so supportive. I was going through a difficult time in my life and needed a solid base and practice to ground me and give me a sense of peace! At the weekly meetings I get to learn, expand my practice and share my experience and challenges with peers. The meditation retreats are life changing as well. After attending for more than a year they have become an important part of my tribe.”

Millie from Astoria, NY

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